Windows Live mail errors 3219

5 Easiest Steps to fix Windows Live Mail Errors 3219

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Windows Live mail errors 3219

How to Fix Windows Live Mail  error 3219?

Step 1-

Click on your browser

Step 2-

Click on the account tab

Step 3-

Find the +symbol and click on it

Step 4-

Click imp under incoming server information.

Step 5-

Write in the server address field and type 993 in the port.

Step 6-

Check your service connections SSL

Step 7-

Locate your outgoing server4 information

Step 8-

Type SMTP outgoing server information

step 9-

Type SMTP email on a server address and type a port type 587

Step 10-

The check requires a secure connection SSL and requires authentications

Step 11-

Press ok

Easiest Step To Solve Windows Live mail errors 3219

Your account is reconfigured. Now you should see your newly created account on Windows Live Mail (left window). If you had some important messages in the previous account, Windows Live mail errors 3219, you can drag them into new folders and drop them into the selected folders.

  • Finally, delete the old account by clicking on it and choosing Remove account.
  • We hope that the server reconfigured has helped you fix the Live Mail Server Error 3219 (0x8DE00005).
  • Finally, if you have any problem with your Windows, then we recommend installing and using highly remaking software.
  • This program is a ‘system healer’ because it checks and fixes registry errors.
  • Replaces corrupted files, detects virus infections,
  • removes duplicate files, and many other easy tasks.
  • Therefore, before removing the Live Mail Server Error 3219 (0x8DE00005) manually.
  • Before correcting the errors, it is advisable to run a scan with the remake and check why the errors error still occurs.

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