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Major Issues in To Fix the Problem

Subscriptions are not processing. Subscriptions can fail under these conditions.

  • The schedule used to trigger the report has expired. For subscriptions that trigger off of a report snapshot update, the schedule used to refresh the snapshot may be expired.
  • The report server, SQL Server Agent, or the e-mail server application is not running.
  • The report is undelivered (for example, it is too big). To determine whether the delivery is failing because the report is too large, save the report to a file and then e-mail it. Be sure to choose the same rendering format you specified in the subscription. If you get a delivery error, use the File Share delivery extension instead of Report Server E-mail.
  • The computer used for file share delivery is not running or the file share is configured for read-only access.
  • The delivery extension specified in the subscription has been uninstalled or disabled.
  • The credential settings changed from stored to integrated or prompted values.
  • The parameter name or data type was changed in the report definition, and the report was republished. If a subscription includes a parameter that is no longer valid, the subscription becomes inactive.

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