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Fix Outlook not Working Problem

Follow these steps to enable/disable add-ins.

For Outlook 2003 and previous

Tools-> Option -> tab other-> button Advanced Options…
Press the “Add-In Manager” or “COM Add-In” button depending on which add-ins you want to enable/disable
You will need to restart Outlook to see the changes for some add-ins.

Outlook 2007

Tools-> Trust Center-> Add-ins
At the “Manage” dropdown list at the bottom select which type of add-ins you would like to enable/disable
Press “Go” and make the changes
For some add-ins you’ll need to restart Outlook for changes to take effect.

Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016Disable Outlook Add-ins

File-> section Options-> section Add-Ins
At the “Manage” dropdown list at the bottom select which type of add-ins you would like to enable/disable
Press “Go” and make the changes.
For some add-ins you’ll need to restart Outlook for changes to take effect.
Note 1: See this post if you get the error “The connected state of Office Add-Ins registered in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE cannot be changed.”
Note 2: You certainly do not have all add-ins enabled for Outlook to work properly. Disabling unneeded add-ins can actually speed up Outlook as well. For an overview see: Which Outlook add-ins do I really need?

Convenient Techniques to Fix “Exchange Server is Unavailable” ErrorExchange Server is Unavailable 'Outlook'

Just think about a scenario, where you are using Microsoft Office Outlook to manage your daily task. Few days ago, while working in your Outlook profile your Windows system reported an error”Exchange Server is unavailable”. Do you know any convenient method resolve this error? Here, in this blog, we will discuss convenient techniques to resolve “Exchange Server is Unavailable” error.

Before discussing, how to resolve this error, I would like to discuss causes behind this issue. If user gets fail to connect to their Outlook account through the Exchange Server, system reported some errors like:

  1. The connection to Microsoft Exchange is Unavailable
  2. You’re out of office settings can be displayed as because the server is currently unavailable.
  3. Microsoft Outlook not connecting to server.

Probable causes behind “The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is Unavailable” Error are mentioned below;

  1. Improper connectivity in network
  2. Incorrect setting in Outlook account
  3. Failure of Network resources
  4. Incorrect profile configuration in outlook

However, it has been seen that sometimes this error gets fix by restarting the pc. however, some cannot and need a convenient technique to get resolve. Let’s see different fixtures to resolve this error.

Technique 1: Check Whether Office Outlook Files are locked

Outlook File is Locked | Outlook not WorkingMany users prefer to set their Outlook data file in read only mode to fulfill any purpose or by mistake. Make sure that these files are not set to the ‘read-only’ mode. To check this read-only mode of the file, you need to simply watch the location of Outlook data file.
For PST go through – C: Users<username>AppData >Local > Microsoft Outlook
for OST go through – C: Users<username>AppData >Local > Microsoft Outlook

Technique 2: Remove if there exist any interference of other applications

There are various applications which conflict with Outlook and produces an error while connecting to the Exchange Server. Sometimes, anti-viruses conflict with Outlook and it generates various types of error. However, such types of error get resolved by opening Outlook in safe mode.

Technique 3: Be Sure Whether MS Outlook Files are Corrupt

It has been noticed that Outlook file gets corrupted after upgrade and results in corruption. You simply need to go through below-mentioned location;
C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataMicrosoftOutlook
Check about these files – Frmcache.dat, Extend.dat, Views.dat and Outcmd.dat and if they exist you will delete or rename.

Technique 4: Modify the Registry

Modifying registry is not an easy task as improper modification leads to more error and there might chance to crisis. It is always recommended to take backup of original data before implementing this procedure. During the process of modifying registry, you can append the DWORD value to the registry subkey by renaming it as ‘DefConnectOpts.’

Technique 5: Choose Reliable Conversion Solution

It’s a common scenario where Exchange Server turns in dismounting stage or Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. In this case, you need to access Exchange OST file in some other file format. Some reliable conversion tool allows you to extract offline outlook data file easily. It will make your OST file accessible in some reliable file format without connection of Exchange Server.

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MSN Dial-Up: How can I get the MSN Software online?

MSN Dial-up

MSN Dial-up Internet Access Software

Pros / MSN dial-up comes with an email account that can generously hold up to 10GB.

Cons / This service provides few access numbers, even in heavily populated areas.

Verdict / If dial-up is your only internet service option, we would suggest you see if MSN can provide a liberal list of access numbers in your area before signing up for services.

Similar to AOL, MSN provides dial-up services, but it is not a priority for its parent company, Microsoft. MSN is focusing more on free services such as Bing and on the Premium services, which give you all the MSN benefits without a dial-up connection. However, this ISP does still provide dial-up with an accelerator. MSN internet services come with a few additional tools such as Webroot Spy Sweeper, a McAfee personal firewall, a connection center and a simple photo editor and organizer.

During our tests, MSN was able to offer a couple of dial-up access numbers in all eight of our check locations.

MSN conjointly provides dial-up services all told U.S. states, as well as Hawaii and Last Frontier furthermore as Puerto Rico. However, the corporate solely provides a number of access numbers in most of those locations; as an example, we tend to solely found 2 numbers for Miami and two for point of entry that is extraordinarily low for such extremely inhabited areas. confine mind that albeit MSN offers dial-up with Associate in a Nursing accelerator that it cannot speed up the loading of all web pages like encrypted and secure pages like those utilized in the bank and looking sites. Dial-up accelerators conjointly cannot speed up streaming media like video or music.

This new service comes with McAfee Security that features Virus Guard and Firewall to stay your pc safe.

This software system works with McAfee Virus Scan and may block suspicious outward and arriving traffic. This software system additionally features a vice mode for uninterrupted gaming; but, detain mind that a dial-up affiliation is simply too slow for enjoying advanced online games. MSN dial-up additionally comes with Spy Sweeper for MSN. This security software system scans for best-known spyware threats and blocks them from infecting your pc.

For additional security for MSN Dial-up:

It additionally features a service referred to as the Microsoft Phishing Filter which will facilitate block you from dishonest websites and login pages. The corporate will provide a product referred to as MSN Premium, however, this is often not an online service – it’s a subscription to the present same assortment of MSN tools and a lot of. Sadly, MSN offers only a few support choices, and you can’t even access online support documentation while not having an account and work in, that we have a tendency to found frustrating.

Install MSN Dial-up Software

Dial-up customers:  Since MSN Explorer provides your internet connection, you will not be able to follow the steps to install MSN Explorer online. Follow the instructions to order and install from a CD. If you do not have a Dial-up CD please order a CD at

Broadband Users:  Ensure you are connected to the internet before downloading and installing the Client Software.

  1. Open a new browser, go to


  1. Sign-in using the primary email account


  1. Click on Download and install the latest MSN software and click “Install Now”


  1. Click “Run” when prompted and follow the download instructions.


  1. On your desktop, you should now see an icon “MSN Installer”. It may take up to a minute or two for the Installer icon to appear on the desktop

Note: if you do not see “copying files” or the “installation wizard” even after a minute or two clicks on the MSNInstaller.exe to launch the installation wizard


  1. On the Are you currently connected to the Internet? page please selects I‘m currently connected to the Internet and click Next


  1. On the next screen please enter your email address/password and click Next


Note: If you have a dial-up subscription and are currently using DSL or LAN connection, on the Configure Dial-up Internet Access Now? Page please choose No, I’ll configure Dial-Up Internet Access later and click Next

  1. Enter your name as shown on the Review and sign the agreements page and click I Accept


  1. Click Next to complete installation


  1. Once the installation has completed the install wizard will close. You should click on the MSN.exe on your desktop to launch the MSN Client.