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How to add a new credit Card to MSN Billing Account?

Follow these steps to ensure that your account remains accessible. You may be asked to sign in several times for security purposes.

  1. Open your browser and go to the My Account Page & sign in if needed.
  2. Under Payment options, click Add a credit or debit card and fill in all of the information needed for the new payment method and click Next.
  3. Return to the My Account Page. Under My products and subscriptions, click Manage my subscriptions.
  4. Find the MSN account in the list and click it.
  5. On the right side of the screen, click change payment option then select the payment method you’ve just added and click next.

How to fix the problem with sending or receiving MSN email?

There are a few reasons why you may have trouble sending or receiving MSN emails. Here are some common reasons, and what you can do to fix the problem.

  • First of all, make sure you have an Internet connection by opening your web browser and trying to open a webpage. If you can not go to a webpage, follow the steps of this article to fix problems with your internet connection: wired and wireless network problems


  • If you are connected to a corporate network, the company’s firewall may block your access. You can check with your system administrator whether there is an option available that will allow you to access your email.


  • To help reduce spam and junk mail, we can limit the quantity, number of recipients and the type of email that can be sent. This is the reason that you can not send email. To verify that you are not a spammer, and to increase your email limit, go to Add a phone webpage to verify your account.

For more help with your MSN email, contact customer support


How to fix problem with adding MSN account on Blackberry?

I have spent countless hours on this problem in the past few weeks. This problem is to make and accounts that “upgrade” with Microsoft with the new Office 365 infrastructure, these accounts will now be on the same network as Office365 paid accounts.
Therefore, in order for them to work, you have to delete them and they will have to re-add the account after updating it to Outlook. On my Z10, the correct server is now “”.


The old “” or “” servers will no longer work. Microsoft Outlook configures these accounts as real exchange accounts. No need for Outlook Connector now. Mac Mail can configure these accounts using IMAP.

All the things listed above will be very useful, you are using the Windows Live Free Domain Email Set-up. This is Microsoft Microsoft used to allow email accounts to allow free hosted domain mails.
They had cut this service a year ago, but said that users can continue to use the service, but can not manage the account or add email addresses. OK, this upgrade completely kills all the connectivity on domain email accounts via the web panel on completely.


Accounts will no longer be connected to any mail client (Blackberry, iOS, Android, Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.) I have spent six hours on tech support chat with Microsoft and in the end they told me that there were no fixes, they also stressed that there will be no fix in the future as this service is no longer supported. Actually anyone needs a domain email on Office365.


I did this for myself and some friends in the past few days and suddenly everything works perfectly. It’s great that they’ll give you $ 5 per email per month!


Also, if you are using Window Live Free Domain Email Service and are planning to upgrade to Office 365, do not delay! You will need to create an Outlook PST file to preserve your existing email. Once the system is closed, you will not be able to receive mail from server without forwarding it to a separate account from web doc log. So, I’ll be active


How to fix MSN Premium Update Error?

MSN Premium updates for Windows 10 are often popped up when Windows® operating systems are overloaded with invalid system references, as well as deleted or corrupted registry files. As a result, important computer files may be lost, deleted or damaged. As your computer grows, there may be various Windows system errors due to inadequate maintenance. Thus, computer crashes and freeze can be more problematic and more problematic


Solution Manually

  1. Reinstall the utility which might bring msn premium updates for windows 10 errors.
  2. Check your windows update. Please watch the video below:
  3. Update your computer outdated drivers.

To update the drivers automatically, all you need to do is right-click Computer and choose Manage.

And then click Device Manage. Check carefully and see if there is a yellow exclamatory mark. Double click it and click update drivers.

  1. {Execute the sfc /scannow command

System File Checker is a utility in Windows that allows users to scan for corruptions in Windows system files and restore corrupted files. All you need to do is just click Start–Type CMD in the searching box–type sfc /scannow and click enter.

  1. Still cannot fix msn premium update for windows 10 error, you had better do a system restore for your computer.

Windows 8 Restore: 


  1. From the Windows 8 Start screen, type “Restore.” The top result in the right-side Search panel should be “Create a restore point.” Even though that’s not what we’re doing today, that’s the choice you want to make. It opens the Control Panel to the Systems Properties dialog’s System Protection tab
  2. Tap the first button on that property sheet: System Restore. This opens a wizard-like dialog, the first page of which says “Restore system files and settings” Here you get another chance to see which programs will be lost and gained. Tap “Next.”

You’ll see a dialog with a choice of system restore points.

Win 10 Restore: 

1.Right-click (or press and hold) the Start button, and then select Control Panel.
2. Search Control Panel for Recovery.
3. Select Recovery > Open System Restore > Next.
4. Choose the restore point related to the problematic app, driver, or update, and then select Next > Finish.

How to reset MSN Password?

Here are some suggestions to help you get back into your account as quickly as possible. First, try the easiest options:

  • If you remember your password but it isn’t working, make sure that Caps Lock is turned off and that your email address is spelled correctly.
  • Clear your browser history, or try signing in to your account from a different internet browser.

Reset your password

If you can’t remember your password, follow these steps to create a new one:

  1. Go to the Reset your password page.
  2. Choose the reason you need your password reset, then click
  3. Enter the email address you used when you made your Microsoft account. This could be any email address, or an email ending in a Microsoft domain like or
  4. Enter the characters you see on the screen (this lets us know you’re not a robot), then clickNext.
  5. If you have security info on your account, we’ll send a one-time code to the alternate phone number or email address you gave us. After you enter that code on the next screen, you’ll be able to make a new password.

How to Recover MSN Email Account?

If you follow the below mentioned steps, it’ll only take few minutes in your password change.

  1. Visit the password reset page –
  2. Select the ‘I forgot my password’ option
  3. And, then select ‘reset your password’ option
  4. Here, in this stage, you need to put your Windows Live ID to reset
    your old password
  5. A box with some characters will appear in your computer screen
  6. You’ll have to enter those characters
  7. Continue it
  8. You’ll get the opportunity to enter your new password

Congratulations! You’ve been able to change your account password
without recovery Email or security question. For further help regarding to
MSN account issues users can contact to MSN Support at any time.

How to fix internet explorer has stopped working?

If you receive an error message then “Internet Explorer has stopped working” means that, Iexplorerkexe, even Internet Explorer, unwanted toolbar, addon, extension biacos, and some Internet Explorer security settings with a third party The side “.dll” files should have a message when you open Internet Explorer “Internet Explorer IA has stopped working”

Method1. Reset Internet Explorer

Reset Solution 1:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Tools menu (Press “alt” key to active menu bar).
  • Click on “ Internet Options.” A configuration window you will apper
  • Click on advanced tab.
  • Click on “Reset” Button. You’ll get an another box, here check a box named “Delete Personal Settings”, then
  • Click on Reset button on it.

Reset Solution 2:

If you can not open IE or you can not reset Internet Explorer from above, there is another way that is very effective for resetting Internet Explorer by Control Panel. follow these steps:

  • Click on Start Button
  • Click on Control panel
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Click on “internet options”. (You will get a configuration window)
  • Click on “Reset” Button. You’ll get an another box, here check the box named as “Delete Personal setting”, then Click on Reset button on it.

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