Procedure to fix send/receive Error in MS Outlook Express

Procedure to fix send/receive Error

Procedure fix send/receive Error Being a agitating email user. It becomes necessary to tackle root causes of harmful errors which may build bother around your work. This strategy helps you to forestall entire email communication network moreover because the native machine. If you create some changes on top of things panel settings or somewhere, then valuate the chance issue on alternative application like email, laptop update and firewall. However, Support of entire Windows laptop moreover as its part is offered on Microsoft Technical center, however users have an absence of awareness. So, we must always take into account the predefined steps for fixing error/bug/degraded performance through demonstrate resources on the market on the online.


If we have a tendency to receive error with glorious reason, then we will bear specific technique for fixing occurred issue. But, most Outlook users ar reported  on on-line technical school support communities that they’re facing unhealthy expertise in email with AN unknown error. Then however might we have a tendency to proceed with the correct path to mend real time errors.


To get back lost performance of email application, it’s suggested to use resolution ways from setting out to finish through predefined method. But, you ought to certify the standing of the e-mail application once completion of every technique. If your email application is functioning properly, then stop to proceed with successor technique. Otherwise, move towards next section of error handling technique.

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Check Point 1: Assure the availability of Internet Connection

Check Point 2:  Remove the bad settings of Outlook email accounts

MS Outlook/Express has totally different versions that ar offered within the market moreover because the user’s finish. during this state of affairs, there’s a separate methodology for setting every version of MS Outlook moreover as Outlook categorical. However, these processes ar slightly deviate from one version to a different in same email consumer, however the likelihood of settings error is higher at the user’s finish. Procedure fix send/receive Error.


So, resolve any dangerous settings if offered application. At this level, you’ll manipulate server settings additionally. If you’re not interested to store messages on server location, then uncheck the choice “Leave a replica of messages on this server”. It additionally prevents your Outlook mailbox from duplicate email things. Procedure fix send/receive Error.

Check Point 3: Remove Garbage/Suspicious Emails

Check Point 4: Avoid Clash with Antivirus Software

Sometimes Antivirus plugin in MS Outlook/Express creates a barrier for incoming/outgoing server. during this scenario, we must always follow the rule of thumb of Antivirus manufacture for enabling  error free compatibility between antivirus and email shopper. Most of sure antivirus corporations ar providing correct tips on their official web site or resource. Procedure fix send/receive Error.